Please inquire if you need a different thickness.
Our Kirinite deep blue captures ever illusive and sultry colors that were inspired by blue diamonds.
Kirinite is a dazzling, durable and extremely elegant. This high grade quality acrylic is the gold standard of both inlay material and beautiful for pickguards and control covers. All acrylics are not all plastics and no acrylic is quite like Kirinite. Make your projects stand out from the rest and catch everyone's attention!
There’s a lot more to Kirinite than just dazzling colors.  
Kirinite is remarkably durable. It resists chipping, cracking, warping, & shrinking. 
Kirinite Responds well to shaping, grinding, sanding & buffing. 
Kirinite can be buffed to a high gloss finish and never feels slippery in the hand, even when wet. 
Kirinite is created using a single-batch process so each piece is totally unique. 

Please ask any questions that you may have and remember to contact us if you need custom sizes.
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